As schools reopen and our community continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs are evolving to meet the needs of our girls, their families & our community at large. Please visit the calendar below for specific dates, registration information and questions.


This fall we are proud to offer the following programs:


We will provide support for girls whose families have chosen the remote learning option for the 2020-21 school year at our Tuttle Avenue campus.  This is available beginning Monday, August 31st from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.  Cost is $25 per week.  Girls Inc. will provide lunch, internet access, student support & supervision and headphones.  Girls must bring their assigned devices and electronic materials/links.


AFterschool program

We will continue to provide afterschool care for girls once school starts. Girls in our afterschool program will receive the Girls Inc. Experience – a healthy snack upon arrival, academic support, Girls Inc. programming delivered by  trained staff, and participate in Dream Harbor. Although we will continuously innovate our approach, all girls will be welcomed back to a safe, structured environment where they can build relationships, take safe risks, and develop life skills.

Currently accepting registrations for girls attending the following schools:
Tuttle Elementary, Fruitville Elementary, Gocio Elementary & Booker Middle School

Scholarships available on an as needed basis.


High School initiative

Girls in grades 9 – 12 can participate in the High School Initiative, where they will have access to academic support, post-secondary guidance & the Girls Inc. Experience.


eureka! program

Eureka! is a 5-year STEM, personal development, and sports program for girls (50% STEM, 25% personal development, 25% sports) in 8th grade for the 2020-2021 school year. In years 1 and 2, girls will participate in 4-week camps on a college campus.  Due to COVID-19, we are planning to do virtual events twice a month. Years 3 and 4 include internships with businesses in our community. The 5th and final year consists of an internship and/or a 4-week camp focusing on career and college readiness and STEM. 

This program sets out to do educational, professional, and personal development. It provides a STEM-focused program that encourages girls to see themselves in STEM. It gives girls a look at what it’s like on a college campus and helps prepare them for the future whether that’s a four year college experience, community college, trade school, or entering the workforce.


Generation giga girls (g3) program

G3, Generation Giga Girls, was created to serve as an introduction to data analytics. This program uses real world topics such as, GPA fairness and equity in school discipline, to demonstrate how data analytics can be used to address these important issues. The goal of this program is for girls to learn how to understand, manipulate, analyze, and utilize data to support important issues.

Girls in the G3 program will learn how to analyze data using excel, while thinking critically about how to combat these real-world issues. The program will also enhance the ability to talk publicly about these issues through group presentations centered on the data behind the issues.  ​


I credit my self-assurance and determination to the steadfast confidence these adults had in me at such an early age. Girls Inc. has shown me that any obstacle is an opportunity to take hold of my future.

Rachel, age 18