Barancik Foundation Funds Solar Energy Pilot Project


Thanks to a generous grant from the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, Girls Inc. is the site of an innovative solar and conservation pilot project that could become a money-saving, green-energy model for other organizations in the region and beyond.

The $448,890 project will test the concept of outfitting a youth-serving nonprofit agency with solar panels while also delivering conservation education to the organization. The pilot is designed to provide Girls Inc. with immediate financial savings on its energy bills and positively impact the girls it serves with new environmental education opportunities.

“It’s like an endowment that will annually give Girls Inc. operating income as a result of significantly lowered utility costs, as well as teach the girls about energy use and conservation techniques,” said Teri A. Hansen, Barancik Foundation president and CEO.

Girls Inc.’s education staff is creating solar and conservation lessons that will be embedded into all of our programs. “Our ultimate vision is for our girls to take the lead in greening our entire building,” said president and CEO Angie Stringer.