Girls in our after-school program manage a mini-society called Dream Harbor. At Dream Harbor, girls aged 5–14 have jobs, earn wages called Dream Dollars, pay taxes, and work together to build a thriving community. Through this everyday economics lesson, girls develop, market, and sell products and services that are sold at our monthly Market Day.

Dream Harbor Ventures include:

  • Artisan’s Guild: This creative company houses an Art Gallery and girl-owned boutiques. Girls produce artwork, pottery, jewelry and other girl-inspired businesses. They learn what a business plan is, how to market products, and earn commission while exploring creativity.
  • Bank: The girls in our bank get real-world accounting experience as they manage the finances and payrolls of each venture. Every month, they make sure that all dollars are accounted for…before the girls spend them at Market Day!
  • Café: Girls get a taste of the foodservice industry by joining the Peace Café. They manage our garden and cater parties at Girls Inc. and in our community.
  • Dream Girls Boutique: The girls who manage our boutique get real experience in customer service, fashion, and the clothing industry. They organize and highlight clothes that are donated to Girls Inc. so that girls have a chance to shop and create their own style on Market Day!
  • Girls Rock Card Stock: If you have a milestone to celebrate, Girls Ink has a card for it! Channeling their creative sides, girls create cards, small gifts, and stationery to make sure our girls are able to celebrate what they want – big or small – in style!
  • Government: Every November brings us a chance to vote for new leaders who will keep Dream Harbor thriving. There is a Mayor, Vice Mayor, Secretary, and Treasurer who oversee our community and offer support to other ventures and girls. The Chief of Police oversees our Peace Keepers, who monitor the halls to keep Dream Harbor a safe and positive place to work!
  • Spa and Salon: The Spa and Salon is the most relaxing place at Dream Harbor. It is a place where girls can make appointments for salon services. You can get a manicure from our trained “professionals,” soothing hand massages, or stylish hair and clothing accessories that are only available during Market Day!
  • STEM Museum: Girls work together on projects to experiment, build, and create activities and products to teach others about STEM. From outer space to our oceans and everything in between, girls will learn about STEM-related topics through hands-on activities.