We commit the collective resources of the Girls Inc. network to programming that upholds girls’ rights and provides them with crucial skills and support to be healthy, educated, and independent. Each aspect of programming contributes to the Girls Inc. experience and helps to develop leadership in the girls who attend our program.

Programming includes:

  • Operation SMART: inspires girls to develop enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through hands-on activities and interactions with those in STEM careers, girls explore, ask questions, and solve problems.
  • Project Bold: teaches girls the skills and strategies to lead safer lives in their homes, in relationships, in their communities, and online. Girls learn specific techniques and how to seek out and talk to caring adults about personal violence.
  • Economic Literacy: Through age-appropriate components, girls learn to manage money, invest, and begin to develop an appreciation for global economics. Girls as young as six explore how the economy affects us locally and globally and develop skills needed to be economically independent.
  • Friendly PEER-suasion: helps girls to develop skills to resist pressure to use harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, household chemicals, and other drugs, as well as learn healthy ways to manage stress and confront peer, media, and other pressures.
  • Media Literacy: increases girls’ awareness of the scope and power of the media and the effects of its messages on girls and women. They learn to analyze critically what they see and hear in the media, advocate for change in entertainment, news, and advertising media, and create images that are more realistic and reflective of their lives.
  • Leadership and Community Action: builds leadership skills and creates lasting social change through community action projects, while celebrating the heritage of girls and women as leaders to develop awareness of themselves as community resources and trustees of the common good.
  • Sporting Chance: encourages girls to learn to appreciate an active lifestyle as they develop movement and athletic skills, cooperative and competitive spirit, health awareness, and interest in sports and adventure.

We also offer specialized programming that helps to develop leadership skills, new interests, and future career paths such as coding, cooking, nutrition, STEM, life skills, career planning, literacy, and more!

Annual Girls Inc. Programming is sponsored in part by Sarasota County Government.